Men are not Beautiful

After much undocumented scientific research (looking through nearly a thousand photos from the Battle of London), I’ve come to the conclusion that men are not beautiful.

BOL mkbs

Random Shirtless Dude–Doing Beautiful Work

Sorry guys.

You’re just not.

You might be considered handsome,  strong, attractive, or just plain geil, but beautiful is not a label I can slap across any of you.

But don’t lose hope. You have the potential to do beautiful things, like braid your daughter’s hair or take your wife’s hand for no reason.

I looked up “Beauty” in Webster’s, and it has about as many shades of meaning as there are colors seen by the naked eye. I think a really old person with sparkling eyes and good posture is beautiful, but maybe you don’t.

We are more than just bodies though: we are minds & souls, packed with creativity, intelligence and emotion–and often, those things make us beautiful or ugly, depending upon how we use them.

A handsome man loses his attractiveness when he is an ass.

So, beauty has to be more than skin deep.

There’s something appealing about people who posses qualities you don’t have. I was in AWE of the muscle-ups and fluidity of some of the athletes doing chest-to-bar at the Battle of London. The spectacle was raw, sweaty and yet so graceful, I would consider it a beautiful sight.

Women's Masters Final--BEAUTIFUL

Women’s Masters Final–BEAUTIFUL

Beauty, according to the dictionary, is something that excites the emotion, which makes it a highly personal thing. It could be a laugh or a smile or a clean-and-jerk that does it for you. I suppose that despite my research, you might find a man’s body beautiful.

I’m not entirely convinced, but I’ll give you the freedom to define things how you want.

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