Use the Force


I need to write, but I’m finding it hard to collect my scattered thoughts this morning.

I want to write about relationships and love and pain and grace, but these lofty ideas are competing with squats.

Squats win.

After nearly one year of Crossfit, my squats are finally looking good. I know I’m doing them right because of the way my po feels as I sit here and write this.

Crossfit is not about lifting, it’s about feeling.

While it’s good to have the master there to tell you if you look like a Jedi, eventually, you have to take off the goggles and just use the force.

There is a feeling, a sensation, a mindset that tells you everything is right. The weight might be heavy, but once you let go of the distractions and feel the movement, then you can take your shot, and watch the whole damn thing blow up.

Some people are naturals, while others of us need a little more work.

One year.

I’ve been at this for one year, and I’m excited about back squats.

While there’s a lot of work ahead of me this year (especially if I want to turn into a mountain mama marathon machine), I have to remember the work I’ve accomplished, and how I’m already where I never thought I’d be.

It’s a good place.

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Writer, widow, life story coach, expat, Mom of 4, madly in love with Crossfit and Krav Maga--my life is stranger than fiction View all posts by Keri

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