Double Victories

Double Unders

Double Unders: Old School

I’ve been Crossfitting for almost a year, and there are a lot of things I can’t do. One of those is double-unders. It seems like it should be easy enough. Jump high. Swing fast. But when you are an uncoordinated runner like me, it’s harder than it appears.

On Tuesday, we were supposed to do 200 DUs or singles for three minutes. Now, I can DO singles. I zone out, relax and last about two minutes before my calves cramp up. So, naturally I opted for the three minutes.

After class, Sibylle (who, of course, completed ALL DUs) asked me about mine.

“I can’t do them yet,” I told her, edging towards the nearest exit.

“You can do them. Do one now.”

You have to imagine Sibylle. She is slim, strong and very, very German. [If you don’t know what that means, then move to Germany. You’ll discover it’s a quality that cannot be defined].

I sighed because I knew there was no possible excuse I could make that would let me off the hook. I grabbed a jumprope and began skipping like a schoolgirl.

“Higher!” encouraged Sibylle.

I jumped higher, swung the rope fast, and failed.

“Jump high ten times and then FAST!” she replied, motioning with her wrists.

I did about thirty single skips, failing at every tenth, when I realized that the only way to get out of there was to do an actual double-under.

I love Crossfit, and I would hang out at the box all day if I could, but I also have a coffee addiction, and coffee is my post-WOD treat.

Coffee was calling my name.

So, I jumped high nine times and on the tenth, the rope unexpectedly swooshed twice under me.

It reminded me of a time when, during a run, the labrador I was borrowing actually caught up to a deer. She was thrilled, but didn’t quite know what to do after that.

I let the rope fly.

I squealed.

Sibylle squealed.

We hugged.

Then I got out of there fast.

The great news is that the next day I had some time to work on DUs, and I managed to squeak out 10 of them (though I probably did a hundred singles in the attempt).

Sibylle assures me that once I finally get it, I’ll be able to do them in a row. And I believe her. But for now, I’m just happy that I did a few of them.

While I don’t subscribe to the “everybody’s a winner” mentality, I do believe when you work diligently towards a real goal, no matter how ‘small’, and you finally see progress, it’s a victory. Plain and simple. 

It also helps to have people around who not only understand what you’re going through (because they were new to it once too), but who also challenge and inspire you.

If you don’t have any Sibylles in your life, get some.

You can usually find them in a box marked “Crossfit.”

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