Creative WODing: Session 1

Some days you just can’t get to the box, so you improvise at home.

The WOD called for body weight squats–but since our coach didn’t say whose body weight…I used my kids and my dog.

I KNOW my burpees look like a walrus arriving on shore; and I have bad form during my squats–but labradors and kids are wiggly; so I gave it my best shot.

I call this Creative WOD the LabbyNo!


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6 responses to “Creative WODing: Session 1

  • Tia Carolyn

    Keri, you look terrific. I found myself tensing my muscles, trying to help you do those squats. How much does Mr. Sunshine weigh now? My thighs hurt just thinking about it!


    • crossfittermama

      My ‘little’ guy is 104 pounds now! And actually, he was easier to lift than Libby. I think she was floppier or something and it threw off my balance a LOT.

      Squats are actually one of my favorite things to do. I think my legs probably had pretty good muscle tone from running. And with a Crossfit squat, your weight is on your heels, so you’re primarily using your hams & glutes (which ALWAYS need work–in my case).


  • Val

    I lové creative WODing eh enlever i cant get to the box. I get my toddler and infant involved every time too! 😉


    • crossfittermama

      I’m sure that with a toddler and a baby, you have plenty of opportunities for creative WODs!


      • Val

        Wow! Sorry about my previous comment, my keyboard was in French and I hadn’t realized it was auto-correcting my sentences! It should have read: I love creative WODing whenever I can’t get to the box.

        Somedays, if feel like it’s all I do! It makes “farmer carry” and running with a 20# ball seem easy though! 😉


      • crossfittermama

        Lol! Autocorrect strikes again! It keeps turning my glutes into flutes (I had to rewrite that 3 times just now).

        Some day your kids will realize how blessed they are to have a mom who took good care of herself. My kids can attest to this. They love that I Crossfit. Not only is it the ‘cool’ factor (for the 11y/o boy) but it gives me more energy to do my Mom job well.

        Keep it up, Val! (even on those sleep-deprived days!)


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