American Hairless

*Disclaimer: today’s post deals with sensitive issues. If you are squeamish about the human body, I recommend you find a nice blog about golf or muscle cars.

*The author is not liable for any resulting psychological trauma.
*Seriously, stop reading now.

Are they gone?


Now we can talk about body hair.

*I told you to stop reading, dude.


I didn’t want to write, “No boys allowed,” because I know some men deal with this issue as well. In fact, I have friends who shave their husbands’ backs on a routine basis–so this isn’t simply a female issue.

I was in the tub with my good old safety razor, and I realized that because of Crossfit, and the subsequent muscles that have sprung from nowhere, MY RAZOR WON’T FIT IN MY ARMPIT!

I managed to do a decent job, only cutting myself twice. But with all the stretching and bending required for the procedure, only a contortionist could get a clean shave.

On the cover of Trail Running UK, there is a photo of Paula Radcliff with her bare arm waving high in the air with a gorgeous hairless armpit. Inside the magazine, the caption reads: “Paula was really glad she’d shaved under her arms before the race.”

But my question was HOW did she do it? Did she have a tiny razor? Hot wax? I didn’t really care how she trained after an injury; I wanted to know how she got her underarms so smooth.

Crossfit has changed my life in MANY ways, but this is a change that took me by surprise.

If my Crossfitter friend (who got me into this) had initially said, “You’ll be able to do a pull-up, but you may have stubble,” I might’ve thought twice.

I live in Europe, where many women (especially of the older generation) don’t shave; but sheesh….I’ll drink Federweißer in the fall and occasionally forfeit my Vegan principles for a hot bratwurst at a cold Weihnachtsmarkt, but I’m not willing to go THAT native yet.

So, my dear brave reader and fellow athlete…what do YOU do about body hair.

I am truly curious to have your input on this one! Don’t be shy! Please share your advice! 

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