Two Things

work it

Steam rose from my sweaty body as I lay on the cold floor, trying to catch my breath.

75 burpees will do that to a person.

I’ve been Crossfitting for 11 months now, and I have learned that if Rob only has two things written on the big white board, we’re going to get our po’s kicked.

At first, you think, “Wow! Looks like an ‘easy’ day,” (if there is such a thing at Crossfit). But when there is less variety on the menu, you can expect a gourmet workout.

Our WOD:

Deadlifts 70 percent, max reps

75 Burpees for time.



I may be wrong in this generalization, but everyone hates burpees. (If you like them, let me know, because I can recommend some good medication to help you).

As in Crossfit, the simplest things in life can be the toughest. Making time for your kids when you have other deadlines hemming you in. Cleaning your room when you’d rather be running.

We tend to marginalize the simple things in life; or in Crossfit terms, we view them as the warm-up rather than the WOD.

But sometimes, doing the small things well has the biggest payoff. 

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